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I was using Tire Wet on my tires, and I got some on the car, and I noticed it shined it pretty well.

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Specially formulated thick foam clings to the tire to dissolve and release dirt, road grime and mud.Tire dressings, which are sometimes called tire shine products, have become a very important part of the auto appearance industry.Black Magic Tire Wet is specially formulated to deliver the most brilliant shine of any leading tire spray available.

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This wonder ingredient is a filler, like carbon black, but it also improves the way the tire holds onto a wet road surface and is a large part of the improvement in wet weather performance.

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Wet the area that is stained and scrub with the bar laundry soap and let sit for fifteen minutes.

Black Magic Tire Wet On Wheels - Amazon.: black magic bm23 tire wet, 23 oz.: automotive, Black magic tire wet is specially formulated to deliver the most brilliant shine of any leading tire spray available. with one gentle mist, your tires will have the ultimate long-lasting, wet, glossy black look.In the past, these products were limited for use by the auto detailing industry or the auto owner by using retail products that were sprayed on or impregnated into a sponge.

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Re: does tire dressing help tires or hurt them? [ Re: ionbeam22 ] #1554678.

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Specially formulated formula dissolves and releases dirt, road grime,.Black Magic This, too, is a water-based product, so it is really easy to clean off wheels if you get to it immediately.

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Easy to use, for high gloss, just spray and go with no wiping.So I just used the rag I used to wipe the tires to get some of the dull parts shiny.

Black Magic Tire Wet Foam (18 oz.) - Cleans, shines and protects in one step Simply spray and walk away Specially formulated thick foam Clings to the tire Dissolves and releases dirt, road grime and mud Silicone oils protect and enrich your tires Renews your tires shine Easy to control spray for excellent coverage No overspray, plus it.A good tire protectant should help prevent fading, drying, and.A subreddit dedicated to those car enthusiasts and beginners interested in keeping their vehicles clean.

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